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Why do we need a claims preparer to assist us with our claim?

The short answer is because an insurance policy is a complex legal document that is difficult for someone not involved in the claims process on a daily basis to understand and derive full benefit from when a claim arises. There are numerous technical issues to be considered when presenting a claim and a failure to fully understand those issues can lead to a less than satisfactory settlement of your claim.

Insurance claims are all we do so let us relieve you of the burden and worry of getting it right!

Will our insurance company have any objection to us having a professional claims preparer act on our behalf and engage with their loss adjusters?

On the contrary, they provide claims preparation cover in all of their commercial property policies to enable you to get the help you need to prepare your claim and guide you through the claims process. 

We have a good broker. Won't they help us with our claim?

Your broker will almost certainly be willing to provide you with guidance and advice throughout the claim. However, for the same reason insurance companies appoint loss adjusters to assess their claims ie specialist claims knowledge and unbiased assessment, most brokers welcome the involvement of a claims preparer to take care of the actual claim formulation and settlement negotiation process. It also enables them to maintain good relations with the insurers claims department in the event of a dispute with the claim.

How do we appoint a claims preparer to help us with our business claim?

Just ring us on 0407 440 727 for a no obligation discussion about your claim. If you decide to go ahead and appoint us, we inform your insurer and loss adjuster about our involvement in your claim then proceed to guide you through the entire process.

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